Paintings by Dan Attoe
Dan Attoe is an Oregon-based artist whose backgrounds are in painting and sculpting. Because he frequently moved between areas and states while growing up, Attoe often incorporates into his paintings references of not only places that he’s been to, but also people that he’s met. ‘Honesty’ is an important word to Attoe, and it’s what helps keep himself accountable as an artist.
Héctor Ayuso is a Barcelona-based artist and curator; he also happens to be OFFF Festival’s founder and creative director. OFFF, a festival dedicated to creativity, is described as a “post-digital culture festival”. Since its inception in 2001, OFFF has shacked-up and hunkered down in a number of cities from New York to Paris though its preferred stomping ground is hometown Barcelona. HUSK: What does OFFF stand for? Héctor Ayuso: I could sum up what OFFF stands for in the past fourteen years with a simple answer: an awesome meeting place to discover, to learn from and to enjoy. Being a ‘post-digital culture festival’, what forms of media are used? Graphic design, film, motion graphics, photography, web, codes, music, graffiti, generative art… All kind of media forms are being exposed and sometimes joined together for an unexpected outcome, not necessarily focused on art but more focused on creativity. Which makes it the most…Continue Reading
Imagine the Spanish sea and sun coming together with some of the world’s most creative and forward-thinking visionaries: That’s the OFFF culture festival in mid-may. Within the course of three days people from various design disciplines, newcomers, established artists and industry professionals come together in this place and form inspirational fireworks that you cannot get anywhere else. From big names such as Erik Spiekermann, Craig & Karl and Casey Neistat to niche illustrators auch as Pomme Chan, Lotta Nieminen and Vincent Garcia Morillo, creators meet thinkers meet decision-takers. We have chosen our top 10 people to watch from this year’s OFFF, that will take place from May 15th to May 17th. No matter if you will be able to attend the conference or not, keep your eyes and hearts open for these creatives, whether you know them and their work already or not. 1. Tendril Origin: Toronto, Canada Discipline: Animation Website:…Continue Reading
the weavers 4 copy
Matthew Cunnington and John Sanderson make up the British duo Cunnington & Sanderson. Aiming to evoke our imagination by allowing the wearer freedom to express their own personal connections with the garments, their collections are always based on a narrative. Providing every garment with emotional symbolism that relates to each collection as a whole, they convey those ideas through a specific silhouette, structure and precision craftsmanship. The Amygdala collection was inspired by those two tiny little balls of grey matter buried deep in our temporal lobes, the ones associated with the part of our brain responsible for determining which memories are stored and our autonomic fear, arousal, and emotional responses. HUSK: How did Cunnington & Sanderson first meet and what led you to partner-up? Cunnington & Sanderson: We met at University in our final year of study in Fashion Design. We share a similar handwriting and creative process and we both love draping material and designing directly onto the mannequin. There was never really any discussion about…Continue Reading
Korean fashion designer Rejina Pyo continues her exploration of colour, graphic shapes and textures with her Autumn Winter 2014 collection. This season, Pyo has taken inspiration from the bold and colourful work of Ellsworth Kelly, using a palette of vibrant colours that create an unexpected playfulness. Reminiscent of her award winning sculptural exhibition for the Han Nefkens fashion award, and her much acclaimed Central Saint Martins MA graduation collection, Rejina takes her signature approach to colour and graphic shapes and reimagines it in this wearable AW/14 collection. Each garment is used almost as a canvas for an abstract painting, streamlined and minimal in places, and then brought to life with a flash of strong colour in the form of diagonal square panels that act as a unifying theme, reappearing in various sizes throughout the collection. From the belt in her elegantly oversized coat, that cleverly weaves its way around the…Continue Reading
Diana Luganski is a Helsinki-based visual artist. Her point, nothing more is necessary. A simple glass, some light. Time. And cheap toast. Classically composed food, human remains and fruits decay. Also, there are pills. This is a very poor reflection of our vanity. Her slow-motion video, which shows a glass slowly filling with white liquid, for example, is an exquisite Memento Mori. Her work presents the superficial glamour of food or everyday objects often paling beneath the darker depths of the image. Ekaterina Bazhenova:  Talking about your video collocations with Mikko Keskiivari, how did this whole saga start? Diana Luganski: I met Mikko on the Internet in 2007 and was going to ask him to model for my photographic project “My Imaginary Lovers”. But when we eventually met in 2011 and talked and saw each other’s work we decided right away to start work together. As a kid I wanted to be a clairvoyant and Mikko wanted to…Continue Reading
18+ are a strange boy and a girl from Southern California. The collaborative project came together accidentally when the pair started sending ‘things’ back and forth to each other online. The duo’s smooth and synthy melodic soundscapes are moody, spellbinding and totally perverted. A mix of R&B and deep house, twisted samples and borrowed beats are paired with glitchy, computer-generated animations and slutatious fembots to create a world of twisted, nihilistic eroticism that wouldn’t be out of place in the post-human existence that is SecondLife. The duo see 18+ as an arbitrary symbol for adulthood and in being that– those who fall on each side of the line fetishise those who fall on the other side. I’m not sure which way I fall now, but I’ve certainly fallen for this pair of enigmatic electroperves. HUSK: Tell me about your contribution for the International La Biennale Di Venezia. What was your inspiration for…Continue Reading
D-Charles FREGER_Outremer_2011_2013
Charles Fréger started photographing sailors from a naval vessel in 1998 and seamen quickly became his first subject. This military interest and influence continued and grew to become Fréger’s recurrent theme within his oeuvre. Finnish sailors of Merisotakoulu,the Cherbourg arsenal, through to Legionnaires and European republican guards have all been explored and celebrated by Fréger in the past — this exhibition is focused all around the enlisted members of the French Navy. A fresh load of French seamen unloaded onto the fallowed interstice of Djibouti’s deepest and most barren corners. Fréger’s Legionnaires are photographed in and around the volcanic lands of Djibouti and are joined by naval officers from Toulon and NoumŽa. Fréger’s ‘Outremer’, in French, refers to navy blue, the colour. A colour which Fréger uses to describe the depths reflected “beyond the seas”. Charles Fréger’s Outremer is on view at Musée d’Art de Toulon from 27 September –…Continue Reading
Bless is an almost indefinable institution. An elastic, interdisciplinary luxury brand. Stretching and investigating the constructs of design and floating somewhere around boundaries of high fashion, art and lifestyle. Bless exists on the fringe. And that’s exactly how they like it. Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag are the delphic design duo responsible for the enigma that is Bless. HUSK: Bless took an unorthodox approach to entering the fashion world. You placed adverts for your ‘N° 00 Fur Wig‘ along with your telephone number in magazines like i-D and Purple Fashion. BLESS: When we did the first project together, we would photograph them posing on the kitchen table with a passport-photo camera, where you could slide-in a little card with typed information that was photographed at the same time and included in the picture. Instead of using this typewriter mode we slid in some cut-out female faces that were photographed together with our…Continue Reading