Apple AirPods

With the initial advent of wireless headphones, there have been so many different variations that have hit the market in an attempt to gain market share. While I personally wasn’t a fan of wireless headphones, I eventually found one that I absolutely loved – the Apple AirPods.

Before that time, I never liked wireless headphones. The headsets were bulky, and the charging was slow, making it almost impossible to rely on to use outside of my own house on a long day. But AirPods changed the game, and that is why I am totally in love with them, and believe they are the perfect headphones to use moving forward, no matter what sort of lifestyle you live.

AirPods come in a sleek miniature container that screams apple, with a minimalist design and a glossy finish. Inside the container are the two earpieces, looking very similar to what Apple’s old headphones looked like – just without the wires at the end.

The earpieces fit nicely into your ear and what’s really great is that after having first connected your AirPods to your device via Bluetooth, the earpieces automatically detect when they are in your ear, at which point they re-connect to your device. And when you remove the earpieces, they automatically turn off the Bluetooth connection. This is great because it makes for an easy transition when you put your AirPods in to take a phone call, as the sound immediately switches over to the AirPods rather than through the phone’s speaker. And when you remove the AirPods while listening to music, the music automatically pauses which is also a nice touch.

The charging is another game-changer, simply because of how efficient and fast it is. The carrying case also doubles as the main charger and it pretty quickly charges up the AirPods themselves when they need more juice (maybe 5 to 10 minutes or so and they are fully charged again). This coupled with the fact that the charger itself holds quite a bit of charge on its own means that the AirPods themselves can effectively last you 24 hours overall, without ever plugging into. And when you do plug in, the carrying case / AirPods charge up just as quickly!

There is truly no reason not to own Apple AirPods. Wireless headphones have been the talk of the town for many years now, and ever since Apple AirPods first came out, they’ve set the gold standard for the entire industry!

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